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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Life without goal and motivation, i started to learn how to express my feeling through writting. I so wanted to write a good article to tell others how i feel currently. However i found out that writting a good article is not easy, it required a good command of English language. Previously in my university study, writting a few thousand words in assignment was never a big problem as i can always look for a good article from internet. What i have to do is just copy and paste follow by quotation, as long as i follow the rules of plagarism i will be alright. So most people will wonder, if you cant write a good essay how are you going to pass your examination. My explanation is for commerce student to pass their exam, what it need is fact and logic behind it not colorful words.

After a few attempt trying to write articles that related to web hosting, i gave up. Reason is i have not much idea on how to start and continue. Reading a lot of web hosting articles do increased my knowledge on web hosting but as i already get used of the "copy and paste" method, i will only end up copying the same thing to my article. I don't want and i decided to write my own "style" article. Well, it is not easy either but at least sound like a good start.

The first few tries on writting my own "style article didnt work out properly, what more is it took away most of my time and produced no results. Although i tried my very best to keep it interesting, it will always end up unfinished in the half way. On the process of writing this article, i keep on reading again and again to seek out any mistakes that i shouldn't make and tried to correct it. Reason is simple and not because i am the kind of careful person or perfectionist, sometimes I'm just lazy to continue. =D

I remember reading an article on how to write a good article. One of the advice is do not repeat the same wording over and over. Example like i used “attempts” and “tries” two different vocabulary in my second and third paragraph but carry the same meaning. Looking back again on my article, i was planning to stop and end here. Thus i click on tool to find out total words that i have wrtten. Crickey, it is only 411 words. It is like writing an secondary school level English essay. I said to myself, for a university graduated i should at least have an article with 500 hundred words and above and i have only few words to go.

My normal practice will be log on to Google website and start typing what i am looking for, i typed "good English writing" and Google show up 90,500,000 results. Eventually, i end up didn't even click on one link as it is just information overload.

Well i guess i just have to stop here which i believe my article already have more than 500 words now. To write a good article requires a lot of practice and best way to start off is to write about things or incidents surrounding you. It doesn't matter for those who are poor in grammar, you will learn by practicing it. For those who are good in English, bear in mind with my mistake. I always welcome people to give feedback on my article.loon

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